EVIA Partner Exchange

‘Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim. We attain unity only through variety. Differences must be integrated, not annihilated, not absorbed.’

Mary Parker Follett

Dublin Arts and Human Rights Festival

EVIA Partner Exchange

Date and Time: Tuesday 20 October, 2020, 2.30-5.30pm

Platform: Zoom Meeting organised by Smashing Time

Category: International online Partner Exchange

Tickets: Admission Free. Open to invited audience only. 

Booking: SOLD OUT

Moderator: Freda Manweiler, Smashing Times

Artists and Guest Speakers: UC Limburg, a renowned university from Belgium; JLU Giessen, a university from Germany; UBTHM, a public museum from Romania, Smashing Times is an International Center in Dublin, Ireland, that connects Arts and Human Rights through the develop creative projects and activities for educators. EURINNET, from Rome, Italy, is a branch of EURO INNOVANET, a research and consultancy private institute with over 25 years of experience in European projects. Paydaș, is a teachers association in Turkey providing training to refugees and asylum seekers with a great Erasmus experience. AIGB is a teachers association in Romania with expertise in pedagogy and technology integrated education, and experience in Erasmus program.


Alongside the different subjects, all teachers have the duty to instil in their students values and positive attitudes towards life and society. Education for values and attitudes is crucially beneficial for society and the individual as well, standing at the base of any national education system, including those in EU countries and candidates.

EU is based on the European values: respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality, and the rule of law. But have we all the same European values, as we claim, and are committed to respect them? Some local approaches to the migrants and refugees crisis prove that answer is no. Is it possible that people belonging to different nations or cultures to interpret these values in different ways? There is a way to counteract the fake news and extremist propaganda? There is a way to ensure that in Europe we all respect the same values and understand them in the same way?

We believe that the answer is in education and imply a transnational collaboration at a European level. There are 5.7M teachers in EU countries only, and they could have a huge impact on values integration, but only if they could easy collaborate each other on this matter. For all these reasons, we propose to create a European community of teachers who take care of students values and attitudes.

Project objectives are set according to social context and Erasmus priorities, and their attainment is guaranteed by having a strong and synergetic partnership, relevant and realistic outputs, and adequate and sustainable strategy:

1) To foster social inclusion and integration through enhancing Values and Attitudes Education at European level

2) To strengthen the teaching profession through open resources, training, cooperation

3) To harness open education and new technologies to enhance the resources, training, cooperation and democracy of education

4) To foster European integration and raise awareness about European Values and Attitudes Education