Invitation to Artists and Organisations – Smashing Times Arts and Human Rights European Festival in Partnership with Frontline Defenders

Smashing Times Arts and Human Rights European Festival, in partnership with Frontline Defenders, will take place from Monday 16 September-Saturday 28 September 2019, culminating in Frontline Defenders one-day Human Rights Festival on Saturday 28 September.

Smashing Times will hold a number of events and performances as part of the festival and will hold two full-day events on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 September 2019 at the Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College, Dublin. A key event confirmed for the festival is a performance of Silent by Pat Kinevane presented by Fishamble.

Additionally in partnership with the Mill Theatre, Smashing Times will present a performance of Women’s Stories from 1916 to 1923, on Wednesday 25 September, at 7.30pm.

The festival will involve a series of talks, discussions, presentations and performances, looking at the intersections between the arts, gender equality and human rights within the EU and beyond and highlighting Positive Mental Health and Well-Being through Performance.

We are inviting artists and organisations to be part of the wider remit of the festival and to register their own human rights and/or artistic events that would be open to the public throughout the two weeks of the festival.

This an opportunity to showcase new or existing work and Smashing Times will include all details of events taking place in our online programme which is housed on the Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Human Rights digital platform. Events can be free or ticketed but booking and management of events is solely the responsibility of the artist or organisation themselves.

Smashing Times will provide publicity of the events taking place and we invite artists and organisations to use this opportunity to highlight their work and to open their work and artistic processes to a wide audience.

Registration Guidelines

Who Can Register?

This registration process is for all artists and/or cultural organisations that wish to be included in the festival programme. This process is open to venue-based organisations and those who have capacity to source a venue only. The types of organisations that can apply include, but are not limited to, galleries, theatres, libraries, historic houses, museums, parks, community centres, churches and artists’ studios.

Programming Content

  • The Festival is geared at all ages and provides a unique opportunity for everyone to make new discoveries and learnings in relation to the promotion of human rights through the arts.
  • We advise participating organisations to cater for families, young children and teenagers. We also recommend participating venues to organise performances or installations outside their premises to draw visitors in.

Opening Hours

The Festival takes place for two weeks from the 16 September – 28 September venues and participating organisations opening and presenting a programme for visitors at dates and times of their choosing.

Your Event Details

Information provided in this form will be used as your definitive Festival event details and will be used across various promotional channels which include the event programme, the website and other promotional materials and cannot be changed after the registration form has been submitted.

Payment: Please note, no registration fee applies to take part in the Festival, and no funding is available from the festival.

Please email an image you wish to have included in the brochure to Also, please contact this email address if you have any queries.

Register now below:

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