European Project: Play It Out Loud

Drama in Shyness Therapy for Children

Play It out Loud is a European partner project designed to combat social anxiety and shyness in children.

The idea of the Play It Out Loud project is to use drama lessons to reduce shyness, which can often represent the ‘tip of the iceberg’, indicating deeper socialisation difficulties. Drama is a natural way of playing, behaving and thinking for children. Cognitive therapies are less useful for children than drama. It is not easy to explain and teach small children to think and behave in an expected way without action and role playing. Drama exercises are also very useful for the classroom application because it concerns a group process. Drama can also be used for more purposes: learning knowledge, skills, creativity, attitudes and values.

A network of partners from external organisations is established, who are interested in using the methods. Thanks to innovative methods and mobile-friendly resources teachers will be more involved, and are likely to become more open-minded and more willing to adopt the drama method in their professional life.

Similarly, all partner organisations benefit from the project outputs. In National Drama, Smashing Times Theatre Company, Instalofi Levante S.l. – FyG Consultores and European Center in Training for Employment, the modules and training programme will be embedded into regular training offers and the training will be carried out after the completion of the project.

Benefits for Children

The following benefits can be expected for children:
– meet social challenges with greater confidence and efficiency
– use their full potential and realise their capabilities
– make interpersonal relationships
– make friends and have their support in difficult situations
– develop optimistic style of explanation
– being happy and active members of society.

The project is going to be implemented in primary schools which are the most common and available places in every city, town and village. That increases the range of influence. About 500 children are going to be targets of the project results.

Benefits for Teachers

The following benefits can be expected for the teachers:
– access to high quality open, adaptable resources
– training on using drama in the classroom
– gaining knowledge on adapting drama to specific needs

25 teachers are going to be directly involved in the project, thus assuring sustainability of project results after its completion. They will also act as disseminators.

Benefits for Stakeholders

The following benefits can be expected for stakeholder organisations:
– cooperation of partner organisations with schools, teacher training centres, migrant associations and other institutions gathering the project’s target groups and offering them trainings based on the materials developed throughout the project
– increased awareness on shyness and drama potential and sustainable development among stakeholders (including those working with migrant children)
– potential to adapt local, regional and national development strategies

About 200 different stakeholders will be involved in the project.

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The partners in this project are:

Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Lodzi

Smashing Times, Ireland



National Drama, UK