Open Call: Smashing Times Launches Five-Day ‘Drama for Educators’ Facilitation Training Course

Published On 26 February, 2015 | Training

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Smashing Times Theatre Company are pleased to announce that they will be running a five-day ‘Drama for Educators – Level One’ training course in Dublin from Monday 19 to Friday 23 October, 2015, in a Dublin city center venue, daily from 10am to 6pm. The training comprises an introduction to the core principles and practices of using drama facilitation techniques in adult education, and in social and community contexts. Learners gain a deeper understanding of how to use basic drama games and exercises and image theatre techniques when working in education and in social and community contexts.

The training is suitable for adult educators, teachers, youth and community workers, theatre artists and all those working in education, youth and community work. This course is perfect for European Applicants who wish to attend via an Erasmus+ KA1 application.

This course includes an introduction to the theories of practitioners such as Augusto Boal (1931-2009) who developed Theatre of the Oppressed; an exploration of different types of facilitation practice; and a practical introduction to the facilitation of basic games and exercises including an understanding of the function, structure and energy of each game and exercise. This level of engagement provides clear and accessible learning outcomes, so as to articulate an understanding of the roles of the participant and the facilitator, and an introduction to core principles, practices and concepts for drama facilitation in adult education, social and community contexts.

Further information on course content and fees is available here. For those who wish to participate in the training course, a Registration Form is available here.

Please see the company Training Policies and Terms and Conditions including the Smashing Times Training – Refund, Transfer of Fees and Cancellation policy which can be viewed here.

For enquiries contact Freda on

International Students

This course is suitable for European Applicants who wish to attend via an Erasmus+ KA1 application. If you wish to include Smashing Times courses in your Erasmus+ KA1 application, and for details of all-inclusive fees, please contact Freda Manweiler at

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