Women in an Equal Europe Documentary Featured in Herstory Light Show

Published On 12 September, 2018 | Latest News

Smashing Times were honoured to have a portion of the Women in an Equal Europe documentary feature in the Herstory Light Show on Sunday 9 September in Dublin Castle. The event, which featured a number of images and artworks of significant women in history who are often overlooked, sought to celebrate the achievements of women and promote gender equality today. A segment of Smashing Times’ Women in an Equal Europe Documentary was illuminated onto Dublin Castle.

Smashing Times would like to extend their gratitude to Melanie Lynch and Herstory for this wonderful opportunity. A video of Smashing Times’ section of the Light Show can be viewed here.

The Women in an Equal Europe project involves four European partners from Ireland, Spain, Croatia and Serbia, and uses creative processes of theatre and film and online resources to promote a greater understanding of women’s rights, and the positive changes that have come about in relation to gender equality as a result of belonging to the European Union.

The project identifies 20 positive stories of change experienced by women – 5 from each partner country – that have come about as a result of belonging to the EU. The 20 stories are used to create a Women in an Equal Europe research and resource document; an EU Equality and Human Rights drama workshop and a performance/film on the role of women in Europe, which are then offered to the general public to bring citizens, artists and activists together to discuss, debate and network on gender equality, human rights, the role of the EU and the kind of Europe we want for the future in relation to gender equality, human rights and inclusion. The Women in an Equal Europe book is available to access for free here.

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