Selected Reviews:

Irish Times on Acting for the Future:

Irish Times on The Woman is Present: Women’s Stories of WWII:

More Women, War and Peace in Irish Times:

Testimonies in Irish Times:

Shattering Glass in Irish Theatre Magazine:


Excerpts from Reviews:

The Irish Times

  • ‘The plays are true theatre…extraordinary, Smashing Times Theatre Company has a deserved reputation for exploring social issues with sensitivity and in depth… Smashing Times must continue with it.’
  •  ‘Fascinating, executed by the innovative and dynamic Smashing Times Theatre.’

The Sunday Independent

  • ‘Excellent…a depth of feeling and a coherence of mood that is both striking and rewarding.’

The Sunday Tribune 

  • Outstanding performances…crafted, nuanced, searing…compelling…this play should find an engaged and passionate audience for its sensitive storytelling…companies like Smashing Times…consistently produce work that is self-consciously political, work that seeks to provoke and engage debate about the way we organise society and our lives.’

Village Magazine

  • ‘The actors have the gift of immediacy and authenticity and pull the audience in. . . credible and compelling. . . outstanding performances. . . crafted, nuanced, searing. . . the monologues (are) compelling. . . moving. . . this play should find an engaged and passionate audience for its sensitive storytelling.’


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