Smashing Times Project INTEGRA Training Workshops

The Integra Project, in which Smashing Times Theatre were involved, was awarded the International Prize 2013 by the Dutch Foundation ‘Learn for Life’.

Freda Manweiler talks about Project Integra; workshops facilitated by Gillian Hackett; feedback from migrant women (Video: Daniel Keane).

About the Project

Smashing Times Theatre and Film Company, in proud partnership with Project INTEGRA – a partnership with eleven countries – helped develop training tools that supported immigrants and migrants to develop a better understanding of how to manage their finances.

Smashing Times rolled out drama based workshops to train migrant community members to support their own communities with how to deal with financial matters in Ireland. These innovative training workshops demonstrated how drama techniques and exercises can be used to build confidence, practice techniques and impart basic language skills around financial interactions.

In conducting this activity Smashing Times linked with a number of social partners in Ireland:

These organisations contributed to the research on the project and participated in the training.

The INTEGRA project was funded with support from the European Commission. This project ran for two years and was developed by partners from Lithuania (coordinator), Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Romania, Poland, Greece, The Netherlands, Turkey and Belarus.

You can find visit the official project website here.

See below for the training used in our partner countries:

You can see more videos, training resources and learning materials here.


INTEGRA Newsletter January

INTEGRA Newsletter MAY


Images from our partner meetings and training so far 


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