Artist Professional Development Programme

The Smashing Times Resource and Advice Service is implemented by Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality and consists of:

  • European Arts and Human Rights Network
  • Artist Professional Development Programme
  • European Resource and Advice Service on the Arts for Equality, Human Rights and Diversity – Multi-Media space providing information, resources and services
  • Creative Arts for Health and Well-Being Hub
  • European Arts and Human Rights E-Learning and Training Space

The Artist Professional Development programme will be a key part of the Smashing Times Resource and Advice Service. Smashing Times are in the process of building an online digital arts platform to house the Artist Professional Development programme.


  • To provide support and development for a range of artists in the area of Arts and Human Rights
  • To provide an opportunity for artists to engage with the work of the Centre
  • To broaden the scope and diversity of the artists involved with the work of Smashing Times


  • Peer learning and critique
  • Research trips
  • Run four meetings per year with visits by guest curators and artists, and support for funding and promotion of work
  • Submit joint applications
  • Presentations at the annual networking day for the Dublin Arts and Human Rights festival
  • Realisation of projects and showcase presentation for the annual Dublin Arts and Human Rights festival

The Artist professional development programme which is a specialised space for professional artists and arts organisations, both emerging and established, who use their art to promote equality, human rights and diversity and who want to come together for networking and for professional and project development.
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