Market Food

Artist: Catherine Finn

Medium: Photography

Artist Statement: These high levels of pollution affect our fields, rivers, and sources of food and water. As pollution continues to contribute to climate change, the effects often present themselves unequally: the areas which contribute the least are impacted the most. Water is an essential resource to all human life, and has the power to shape our lands and the food that we eat. Unchecked, pollution and climate change threaten access to drinking water, and rising sea levels may permanently flood settled land. We are connected as global citizens through these impacts, whether we are already living with climate change or have yet to experience it.


Artist Biography: #Connected2: Climate and Food Systems is created by GOAL’s NextGen Youth members from across Ireland, Ethiopia, Honduras, Malawi, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Through the pertinent themes of Global Food Systems and Climate Change, participants learned how each relates to global citizenship and development. They created this photo exhibition to share their learnings with you and hope to raise awareness of how climate change is affecting our food systems.