Linda Greene-Invisibilised

Artist: Linda Greene

Medium: Painting

Hegemonic discourse dominated history. White faces dominated history. Othering of racial or ethnic diversity was demonized, plagued with stereotypes and falsehoods and paradoxically invisibilised from the record. Racism was used to rationalize the rape, pillaging and destruction of people and their lands and was therefore a very useful socially constructed tool by patriarchal armed colonizers


Linda Green is an experienced project manager with ten years in national lead roles, and nineteen years’ experience working in the equality and human rights sector, over twelve years of which have been Traveller specific roles.  Linda is a  leading expert on Social Justice and working with disadvantaged and marginalised communities with an emphasis on working with the Traveller community and those experiencing intersectionality. An experienced educator with years at UCD lecturing in gender studies and social justice. Linda also worked in various communities experiencing disadvantage  as an outreach lecturer. She worked in the Loretto Centre for community education in Crumlin as an educator and also taught night classes at the Donahies School for over a decade. Linda has a wealth of experience as both a project coordinator and as a project manager. 

Linda is the current coordinator of Kildare Traveller Action, Primary Health Care Team in Newbridge and the Director of the National LGBTIQ photographic archive. 

Linda is a  modern artist with romantic sensibilities, her artwork conjures images of serene Yeats-like landscapes. Greene’s oeuvre is one for both collectors and art lovers to enjoy. She explores themes of representation, human connection, and, perhaps above all else, love. The artworks are fragmented and mirage-like, resisting prevailing artist conventions to present a vision that both unsettles and appeals to the viewer.