Artist: Telma Sibanda

Medium: Photography

Artist Statement: Our daily activities have a deep impact not only on our immediate surroundings but on the wider planet. Litter, noise and CO2 emissions are eroding the natural beauty of our world, threatening the diversity of wildlife, and impacting the wellbeing of humans. As global citizens, we recognize that the earth’s air, land, and oceans are polluted by landfills in Uganda, traffic in Zimbabwe, and industrial air pollution in Ireland. We see the potentially irreversible effects of climate change in our communities every day


Artist Biography: #Connected2: Climate and Food Systems is created by GOAL’s NextGen Youth members from across Ireland, Ethiopia, Honduras, Malawi, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Through the pertinent themes of Global Food Systems and Climate Change, participants learned how each relates to global citizenship and development. They created this photo exhibition to share their learnings with you and hope to raise awareness of how climate change is affecting our food systems.