Securing Speech: WHRDs and Defamation in the Digital Space

Securing speech: Woman human rights defenders and defamation in the digital space

Dublin Arts and Human Rights Festival

Securing Speech: WHRDs and Defamation in the Digital Space

Date and Time: Thursday 22 October 2020, 6pm (subject to change)

Platform: Online Event hosted by Front Line Defenders

Category: Online Panel Discussion

Tickets: Open to the Public

Booking: View discussion below

Moderator: Karlin Lillington, Irish Times

Artists and Guest Speakers:

  • Mohammed Al-Maskati, Digital Protection Coordinator from Front Line Defenders
  • Runa Sandvik, Computer Security Expert
  • Émna Mizouni, Woman Human Rights Defender from Tunisia
  • Rosa Luz, Afro-trans Human Rights Defender from Brazil


Front Line Defenders will host a digital and online security panel discussion on the timely topic of ‘Securing Speech: Woman human rights defenders and defamation in the digital space’ exploring themes including online defamation, trolling, and online security arising out of Covid-19.

The moderator for the panel discussion is Dr Karlin Lillington. Dr Lillington is a columnist with the Irish Times. Her work focuses on technology, with a special interest in its political, social, business and cultural aspects. She has written for publications including The Guardian, New Scientist,, and and served on the board of RTE. She holds a PhD from Trinity College Dublin.

The panel speakers are Mohammed Al-Maskati, Frontline Defenders, Runa Sandvik, Computer Security Expert, Émna Mizouni, Human Rights Defender and Rosa Luz, Human Rights Defender.

Panel Member Biographies

Speaker: Mohammed Al-Maskati, Front Line Defenders

Mohammed is a Middle East and North African Digital Protection Coordinator and Recipient of a Human Rights Heroes Award 2019. Tweets at @MohdMaskati

Speaker: Runa Sandvik, Women’s computer security expert  

Runa Sandvik is a computer security expert working on digital security for journalists, founded upon her experiences from working at The New York Times, the Freedom of the Press Foundation and The Tor Project. She is a board member of the Norwegian Online News Association, and tweets at @RunaSand.

Speaker: Émna Mizouni, Women Human Rights Defender

Émna Mizouni is a Tunisian online and human rights activist, a freelance journalist, communications expert and business executive.

Speaker: Rosa Luz, Women’s Human Rights Defender

Rosa Luz is a trans Afro-Brazilian musician and human rights defender who visibilizes two of Brazil’s most marginalized groups through her music and art. She has been on the receiving end of multiple threats on social media for releasing a song addressing racism in the country and calling out politicians for feeding into rascism.  Rosa was featured in Front Line Defenders’ inaugural issue of their comics zine Cypher.