DUB-IN project caters for people with psychosocial disabilities (PwPD), suffering from severe mental health issues as schizophrenia. This group of diseases are characterized by cognitive, psychophysiological and interpersonal deficits, which make it more difficult to acquire and develop new skills and which require the adaptation and accommodation of learning/training opportunities. 

There is no a more powerful source of positivity than meaningful human connections and DUB-IN Online Training Service will for the first time: 1) Provide trainers and practitioners with a pioneering solution, easy to be applied to support PwPD to build social skills and 2) Develop a quality intervention and an attractive learning opportunity, based on the art of dubbing which will open new opportunities as voice actors, increasing the diversity of existing voices and reducing their invisibility and the stigma associated to them. 

The use of something as attractive and innovative as dubbing has some outstanding benefits: 1) Well-selected cinematographic scenes, in regards to individual learning objectives, provide the ‘ideal context’ to train communication skills, as contain all the necessary information to get into the role of the person speaking and to identify with the character and with the specific situation. 2) Through dubbing we can practice skills through behavioural rehearsals, where the scenario would be as close to reality as possible. It allows us to work and improve from basic daily life abilities as making requests to more complex skills as empathy; Help our target group to express positive and negative feelings, to initiate, keep and end conversations or something extremely useful, adaptive and therapeutic as connecting with others. All of these in controlled scenarios, which eliminate anxiety and stress associated with social interaction (inhibition) during training, but with the potential to improve self-perception of the individual’s social performance. 3) Our voice is one of the most important instrument of communication and by dubbing practitioners will master the use of PwPD own voice, enhance social skills and in addition, fight against the high risk of suffering social isolation, unemployment and marginality.

Veronica from Smashing Times (left) getting in some dubbing practice as part of the Dub-in training which took place in Athens

The partners are:

  • Fundacion Intras, Spain;
  • SSPS (EKP) Greece;
  • Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality, Dublin, Ireland;
  • Pro Mente, Austria;
  • EPR, Belgium;
  • National and Kapodisian University of Athens, Greece.

The project is funded by Erasmus+

Happy participants for the Dub-In training session in Athens. Photo credit: Erwin Kargl