WikiLeaks on Trial

‘Lies start wars, truth ends them.’

Julian Assange

Dublin Arts and Human Rights Festival

WikiLeaks on Trial

Date and Time: Monday 19 October, 7pm

Platform: Online drama via Zoom hosted by Hot Potato Productions 

Category: Interactive Courtroom drama 

Tickets: Open to the public 

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Hot Potato presents WikiLeaks on Trial by Jenny Bassett an online court room drama based on the current extradition case of the founder of WikiLeaks Julian  Assange, where the audience are the Peoples Jury. 

We are delighted to be part of this year’s Dublin Arts and Human Rights Festival not least because this month marks the 10 year anniversary of the release of the Iraq War logs that exposed the litany of human right abuses, including torture in Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib as well as the attempted cover-up of 15, 000 civilian deaths by U.S. and U.K. coalition forces; revelations that form the core of the 17 indictments brought by the US.

From the lack of mainstream press coverage of what investigative journalist John Pilger states is ‘the trial of the century’, you may not be aware that this extradition case seeks to apply the Espionage Act upon journalist activities and if granted sets a very dangerous precedent, whereby any journalist or publisher that prints an article that exposes uncomfortable truths anywhere in the world could face extradition by the U.S administration to face an unfair trial and solitary confinement for life in a U.S. prison.  

It is a threat we must recognize and meet head-on. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Created for the online platform Zoom, WikiLeaks on Trial utilises its features to enable an interactive experience whereby the audience can act as the People’s Jury. Guided by the Clerk of Court, this People’s Jury will watch the case for the US Prosecution followed by the presentation of the Defence case for Julian Assange. 

Following that, the People’s Jury will have the opportunity to discuss the case together in discrete break-out rooms before returning to the virtual Court when the clerk of court will deliver their verdict. For newcomers to Zoom, the Clerk of Court will be there to assist. Cameras will  be switched off and microphones muted until the People’s Jury convenes. Each break-out room will be hosted by a cast member to help encourage and stimulate debate, but it is equally fine for viewers just wishing to watch and listen.

Join us then on Monday evening, 19 October starting at 7pm. 

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