The objective of this project is to develop an inclusive, engaging and innovative training methodology to provide our target group of adult unemployed people with entrepreneurial skills to help them to reactivate their career either as freelancers or to gain action in their future employment thus supporting their inclusion in the job market.

To ensure that the Entre Theatre methodology is designed in a way that effectively supports unemployed people and job seekers in improving their soft skills and entrepreneurial ones, the partnership will develop a Skills Assessment Framework.

It aims to find similarities in entrepreneurship and theatre education between the partner countries in order to create a programme that can be applied to an extensive group of unemployed people and job seekers across Europe (including all countries that do not belong to the current partnership), while still taking into account the differences that demonstrate certain specific needs of this target audience (such as cultural differences).

The partnership will use several quantitative and qualitative research methods to complete the Skills Assessment Framework (with a main aim on soft skills), combining both online (surveys) and face-to-face sessions (focus groups and interviews) with the target group as well as intermediaries (entrepreneurship education experts). The framework will map out the practical drama techniques learning outcomes and link them to the learning outcomes needed to develop soft skills and entrepreneurial skills such as proactiveness, confidence, resilience, character impersonation in order to have clear and defined learning paths.

Entre Theatre in funded by Erasmus+ and the partners are STIFTELSEN KURSVERKSAMHETEN VID U-AUNIVERSITET, Sweden (lead partner); Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality, Dublin, Ireland; CONSORZIO MATERAHUB INDUSTRIE CULTURALI E CREATIVE, Italy; L’Albero, associazione culturale, Italy; Fundatia Centrul Educational Spektrum, Romania; FO-Aarhus, Denmark; INSTALOFI LEVANTE SL, Spain.