Abubacar Sultan

Abubacar Sultan is a children’s rights activist, who began campaigning in his hometown of Mozambique at the age of 24. During the Mozambican Civil War, Sultan began the Children and War project. This project offered protection to the children of Mozambique in a time of war, especially those who were forced to fight as child soldiers. The Mozambican Civil War, which resulted in over one million fatalities, many of whom were children, ultimately saw 12 million children go homeless, while 10 million were affected by psychological trauma. Following the war, Sultan developed Wona Sanana, a children’s rights initiative that sought to gather post-war information regarding the health and social conditions of children. He continues his work with children today, focusing on community education, children’s rights and exchanging his knowledge and experiences with partners all over the world (World of Children).

For more information on Abubacar Sultan, including his own description of his experience, visit the Speak Truth to Power project website here.

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