The ACTitude project develops an innovative methodology based on improvisation techniques (Improv) to help people suffering from mental health difficulties.

In contrast to traditional theatre, Improv is a method based on natural actions that surge during the performance. In Improv, there are no scripts- the latter are being created on the go, through the interaction between the persons involved in the performance.

The ACTitude Improv based training program provides professionals working with the target group with a tailor-made intervention process to empower the persons with mental illness to recognize when they are being subject to verbal abuse, to stand up for themselves, and respond to the offenders in real time in order to cut short the abuse.

The training program, using elements of the 3rd generation psychological therapies and techniques applied in improvisational theatre is created jointly by the team of psychologists and researchers from the Dept. of Psychology of the University of Maribor (UM) and a transnational team of expert performers and trainers specialized in improvisation.

Funded by Erasmus+. The partners are Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality, Dublin, Ireland; Intras, Spain; EDRA, (Mental health service provider) Greece; KNUA (theater studies department of the Kapodisian University) Greece; University of Maribor, Slovenia; IMPROVA (improv theatre company), Spain.