Creative Eco-Centre for Climate Justice and Human Rights

Creative Eco-Centre for Climate Justice
and Human Rights

Using the arts, social media and new digital technologies to promote intersections between human rights, arts, technology, climate justice and global citizenship education. 

Smashing Times will work with three schools – two in the post-primary sector in the Republic of Ireland and one in Nigeria, using creative processes, new digital technologies and social media activism to engage the students in the collaborative design of a ‘Creative Eco-Centre’ exploring and promoting global citizenship education and climate justice linked to human rights. The project will:

  • Engage young people in the development of an action project to support climate justice which is equitable, fair and just and is rooted locally and impacting globally
  • Foster local dialogue and action for engagement and increased awareness raising and to support key activities that will promote a just transition in relation to climate justice
  • Work with young people to creatively explore solutions to social issues and how they are linked
  • Work with young people to explore the role of social media in art activism for social change from the local to the global
  • Link action for climate change to concepts of justice, gender equality, diversity and human rights and to empower social activism amongst young people, linking climate justice and human rights
  • Explore awareness of self and the other, ethics, human rights, justice, fairness and gender equality as well as themes of power structures and how they operate, scientific facts on climate change and ways in which social, economic and political structures have impacted on climate change and the creation of an increasingly unequal society.
  • Use the arts to empower young people to become aware and engaged global citizens and leaders of today and tomorrow – who have the skills and confidence to achieve an inclusive, equal, just, peaceful, sustainable world
  • Build the skills and knowledge of the young people to firstly understand how power structures currently operate and how they are linked to human rights and issues such as climate change and secondly to explore what kind of peaceful social activism needs to take place to bring about climate change and the creation of a more just and fair society.

This project is funded by Concern and Irish Aid WorldWise Global Schools