New Project – TREES

In a period where the consequences of climate and environmental change are increasingly evident, the raising of environmental awareness is an issue that becomes more and more important.

Community groups and local authorities use different channels in order to promote environmental awareness of the general population such as social media campaigns, education programs, advertisements, documentaries, local events etc. Culture, and especially theatre, has not played a major role in this process of raising the environmental awareness until now. The potential of theatre to change the behavior and the attitudes of the audience is much more important for the groups of people that have not been sensitized yet in issues such as climate change. Not any kind of theatre can reach these people. A theatre that aims to raise environmental awareness also for groups of people not sensitized yet needs to be able to organise outdoor performances in public spaces, free of charge, in order to reach as wider audience, as possible, and needs to include intended audience and passers-by.

The TREES project aims:

  • to increase the environmental awareness of the public and to stimulate its active stance in issues related with climate change
  • to transfer at a European level a successful approach on how theatre can be used against climate change
  • to promote the intercultural awareness and exchange on issues related with climate change

The project is based on the experience that the coordinator, DAH theatre, had with the creation of a site-specific performance which aimed to raise awareness on the importance of trees in our life and to encourage urban initiatives in defence against excessive tree felling in the city of Belgrade. from each country can learn from the experiences of the other and can benefit from each other’s expertise. The implementation of the same concept and approach in various countries will help also to make conclusions and have comparable data of the implementation of the methodology between the different countries. The project main results (performances, documentary, methodology, trainings) are going to be available in English and translated in all the languages of the partnership in order to ensure the wider reach of the project results. Three international festivals are also going to bring all the artists together in order to see the work of each other and present it to local audiences. The festivals are also going to be live-streamed in order to reach an international audience as well.

The project is funded by Creative Europe, and the partners are DAH Theatre (Serbia), Smashing Times (Ireland), Protagon (Germany), Zid Theatre (Netherlands), Grenland Friteater (Norway), TNT (Spain), AEROPLIO- TOPOS ALLOU THEATRE (Greece), and ACTION SYNERGY (Greece).