Artistic Director Mary Moynihan speaks at Go Up project Irish launch

Artistic Director is thrilled to be speaking at the Irish launch of the Go Up project, Monday 21 December 2020, 10am.

The Go Up project aims to boost the participation of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in adult education supporting teachers, educators and counsellors with tailor-made innovative methodologies and tools designed to build resilience and enhance intercultural competencies through theatre techniques. To do so, the Theatre of the Oppressed has proved for decades its effectiveness addressing the social and psychological effects associated with social vulnerability.

The project looks at how to improve mental health (in particular the mental health of refugees and asylum seekers) through theatre techniques specifically the Theatre of the Oppressed and how to build intercultural competence in communities through theatre techniques and how to psychologically prepare refugees and asylum seekers for the uptake of adult education opportunities.

Six partners have been involved in this project; IASIS (GR), Innoquality Systems (IRE), SOLIM (PT), INFODEF & La Bien Paga (SP) and Pera Fine Arts School (TK), along with a mix of Adult Education and VET providers, NGOs and social and cultural organizations, working together to develop the following project results:

  • Go Up Online Digital Database of good practices and resources in Intercultural and Inclusive Theatre.
  • Training Curriculum for Intercultural and Inclusive Theatre. An ECVET based curriculum for the assessment, validation and recognition of learning outcomes.
  • Go Up Pedagogical Handbook providing innovative pedagogical and methodological approaches on the use of theatre techniques to teach intercultural competencies and support the cultural integration of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.
  • Go Up Toolbox including a set of practical contents, activities and methods on Intercultural and Inclusive Theatre aimed at adult education teachers, trainers, tutors and counsellors.

Mary will be speaking about Smashing Times’ extensive work promoting positive mental health and well-being with refugee groups as part of the Acting for the Future project.

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