Dublin Arts and Human Rights Festival: Can a Speech Change the World? – Toastmasters Evening of Speeches and Poetry

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest

Elie Wiesel

Can a Speech Change the World? Toastmasters Evening of Speeches and Poetry


Date and Time

Thursday 26 September, 7.45-9.45pm



Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2


Category: Talks and Poetry


Tickets: 5 Euro

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Can a speech change the world? At Toastmasters we believe it can. Successful speeches move people to action, inspiring them to commit to new goals, activities, and ideas. Celebrating its 61st Year, Dublin Toastmasters has a proud tradition of respecting the fundamental human right of free speech.


Dublin Toastmasters is the oldest Toastmasters Club outside of North America, and is also one of the first clubs to allow Women Members. The Club’s first President Paddy Cunningham was ‘a woman’s man’, a man of vision, a man of foresight. Chartered on the 12 April 1958, the founding members included women, not a controversy by today’s standards but following the chartering of the club, this became a point of contention. Women in a Toastmasters club was out of bounds and contrary to the Toastmasters constitution at that time ‘could not be permitted’.  Bravely, this idea was flat out ignored and requests for permission to allow a visit from a Toastmistress was also flatly ignored on a few occasions.


If Toastmasters International would not allow female membership, Dublin Toastmasters would pave the way for the new world and facilitate membership of both men and women. Registration with Toastmasters International would be by way of surname and initials. Until Toastmasters International changed its rules, Dublin Toastmasters at least had plausible deniability and the good people in California would have to deal with the consequences.


Sixty years later, Dublin Toastmasters is dealing with the consequences. Sixty years later Dublin Toastmasters has a serving President who is a woman. Sixty years later, women and men serve side by side on the Committee; women and men compete and succeed in Toastmaster International District Finals; women and men encourage other women and men to serve with integrity respect and excellence.


Join us for a special evening of prepared speeches, poetry and table topics. Open to the Public. No prior public speaking required and like all Toastmasters meeting, you will not be required to speak but you are free to speak if you wish to join in on the night.