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Equality Ambassadors

Equality Ambassadors

October 19, 2022 @ 10:00 am 5:00 pm IST

Transnational Partner Exchange

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Equality Ambassadors is an innovative transnational partnership project bringing together five partner organisations from Ireland, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Spain who work with young people including those most marginalised. The project promotes an exchange and transfer of good practice and the sharing of ideas at a European level between five partner organisations involved in youth work, bringing them together to collaboratively design a new European Equality Ambassador Peer Leadership Training Programme, resource book and digital app.

The Equality Ambassadors curriculum is an innovative training programme that uses creative processes of theatre-based workshops combined with new digital technologies and online resources to develop a range of skills with young people in order to train them as Equality Ambassadors. An Equality Ambassador is a young person who receives training in personal and social development, in leadership and communication skills, in creative practice and the use of new digital technologies to engage with other young people to promote democracy, equality and human rights and active civic engagement at a European level.

Growing consensus around the world recognises education for human rights as essential. It can contribute to the building of free, just, and peaceful societies. Equality and Human rights education is increasingly recognised as an effective strategy to prevent human rights abuses and assists in promoting a more inclusive, tolerant and diverse society. The Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) exhorts every individual and every organ of society to ‘strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms’.

The EU is founded on principles of liberty, democracy, gender equality, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. This project uses the creative mediums of theatre and new digital technologies to promote democracy, equality and human rights, all key values underpinning the EU. Young people are actively involved in the democratic life of Europe and gain expertise in supporting the role of the EU to promote diversity and respect for all.

Equality Ambassadors is supported by Erasmus+ and the partners are Smashing Times, Dublin, Ireland (lead); Dah Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia; Youth Peace Group (Danube), Vukovar, Croatia; KANE, Kalamata, Greece; and IFESCOOP, Valencia, Spain.

Members from each partner organisation will be in attendance to share good practice and project findings from the Equality Ambassadors programme.

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