Smashing Times and The New Theatre present Sole Flower, Spidered Soul

A new play about James Joyce & his daughter Lucia Joyce. 

Lucia Joyce and her father James are roused from death by an eloquent clown. The duo’s joyful reunion soon gives way told quarrels, as they debate the reasons why Lucia spent nearly half a century in psychiatric hospitals. Clown, who holds the power to alter the past, presents James with a dilemma.

Will he erase his own literary legacy to afford Lucia a second chance in life, or will he keep things as they were?

This funny and moving play pits personal ambition against love of family, all the while challenging prevailing notions about its protagonists: Lucia as the mad daughter, and James as the genius father who did all he could to save her.

Performances take place 11-15 June 2024, 7.30-8.30pm

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Director – Patrick Joseph Byrnes
Cast – Fiona Bawn-Thompson, Michael McCabe & Daniel Mahon.
Stage Management- Eva Walsh
This is a co-production by The New Theatre and Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality for Bloomsday Festival, presented as part of Theatre in Palm’s Theatre Roadshow