DECADE OF CENTENARIES DIGITAL ART EXHIBITION: Women’s Stories 1916-1923 Resources and Bibliography

Women’s Stories 1916-1923 Resources and Bibliography

  • The Present Duty of Irish Women – The Contribution of Irish Women as documented in the Archival Record, an Irish Archives Resource Pack. 
  • Women and History 1912-1922 Queens’s University Belfast and University of Limerick
  • In Their Own Voice: Women and Irish Nationalism, Margaret Ward
  • Unmanageable Revolutionaries: Women and Irish Nationalism, Margaret Ward, 1996
  • No Ordinary Women: Irish Female Activists in the Revolutionary Years 1900-1923 (2003), Sinéad McCoole
  • Easter Widows: Seven Irish Women who lived in the Shadow of the 1916 Rising (2014),  Sinéad McCoole
  • Guns & Chiffon, Sinéad McCoole
  • Ten Dublin women, Medb Ruane
  • Renegades Irish Republican Women 1900-1922, Ann Mathews, Mercier Press
  • Dissidents – Irish Republican Women 1923-1941, Ann Mathews, Mercier Press
  • Smashing Times : A History of Irish Women’s Suffrage Movement 1889-1922, Rosemary Cullen
  • Genteel Revolutionaries: Anna and Thomas Haslam and the Irish Women’s Movement, Carmel Quinlan, Cork University Press 2005
  • The politics and relationships of Kathleen Lynn Marie Mulholland
  • Prison letters of Countess Markievicz (Constance Gore-Booth): also poems and articles relating to Easter week by Eva Gore-Booth and a biographical sketch by Esther Roper with a preface by President de Valera, Constance Markievicz
  • Hanna Sheehy Skeffington: A Life, Margaret Ward, 1997, Attic Press, Cork University.
  • Maria Luddy, Hanna Sheehy Skeffington.  (Historical Association of Ireland, 1995).
  • R.M. Fox, Rebel Irishwomen
  • ‘Helena Molony’, in Mary Cullen and Maria Luddy (eds), Female activists. Irish women and change 1900–1960 (Dublin, 2000), N. Regan
  • ‘Kathleen Lynn (1874-1955)’ in Mary Cullen & Maria Luddy (eds.), Female activists: Irish women and change 1900-1960, Medb Ruane
  • For Information on Kathleen Lynn see the multi-venue exhibition and on-line site curated by Catherine Marshall titled Kathleen Lynn, Insider on the Outside
  • Margaret Skinnider – 1916 Heroine – and the Monaghan Connection, Mackie Rooney, 2017. Provides an insight into Scottish born Margaret Skinnider and her connection to County Monaghan.
  • How Irish Women Won the Right to Vote in 1918 by Caitriona Crowe,  Irish Times, 10 December 2018
  • Launch of Hanna Sheehy Skeffington: Suffragette and Sinn Féiner by Margaret Ward. 
  • Interesting article by Lia Mills – Libran Writer –  on event hosted by UCD Press at RIA 4 October 2018, consisting of a panel discussion followed by a launch of  Hanna Sheehy Skeffington: Suffragette and Sinn Féiner, by Margaret Ward based on  Hanna Sheehy Skeffington’s own writing (journalism, speeches, memoir). Martina Devlin chaired thep anel discussion and the  speakers were Margaret Ward, Ivana Bacik and Caitríona Crowe.
  • Irish Suffragettes at the time of the home rule crisis
  • A History of Her Story by Mary Cullen
  • The History Show, Sunday 4 March 2018, RTE Radio One, The Women’s Suffrage Movement. 
  • This is a fantastic programme marking the Centenary of the Representation of the People Act which, over one hundred years ago, saw some women get the vote in Ireland for the first time. This programme has a number of guest speakers who talk about the origins and history of the suffrage movement with reference to women including Anna Haslam, Hanna Sheehy Skeffington and Rosamund Jacob.  The guest speakers are:
  • Margaret Ward, visiting research fellow at Queen’s Universit and  editor of the book Hanna Sheehy Skeffington – Suffragette and Sinn Feiner: Her Memoirs and Political Writings published by UCD Press. 
  • Professor Linda Connolly, Director of Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute, and author of From Revolution to Devolution: the Irish Women’s Movement.  
  • Claire McGing, specialist in gender and politics, Maynooth University.  
  • Liz Gillis, researcher, historian and  author of a number of books, including Women of the Irish Revolution. 
  • Rhona Tarrant, who speaks to Leann Lane of Dublin City University about the suffragette Rosamond Jacob. Leann’s biography of Jacob, Rosamond Jacob: Third Person Singular, is published by UCD Press. 
  • The History Show Story of the Women’s Suffrage Movement 
  • Luíse Ghabhánach Ní Dhufaigh Ceannródaí. A new biography in Irish of Louise Gavan Duffy by Celia de Fréine 
  • Interview with Celia de Fréine: On writing a biography – in Irish – of Louise Gavan Duffy
  • Article on The Suffragette Struggle in Ulster
  • To commemorate 100 years since the first suffragettes were imprisoned for their actions in attempting to secure women’s right to vote, author Margaret Ward tells Joanne Savage about the movement’s history in Northern Ireland. 

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