World Theatre Day 2020

Smashing Times are sharing and joining in with a message from our partner organisation, the famous Italian theatre organisation AIDA Fondazione, based in Verona in Italy. They have sent us a moving message for World Theatre Day, Friday, 27 March, 2020, which we are now sharing with artists and all the citizens of the world.

To all actors, singers, dancers, performers, musicians, choreographers, directors, designers, technicians, scenographers, costumiers, organisers, producers, administrators, pedagogues, animators, readers and all artists everywhere – many people all around the world live because of the theatre and with theatre, but their voices are rarely heard by newspapers and mass media.

In times of great crisis, in which our places of life and work such as our theatres, schools, and museums are closed to the public, we find that our voices in the physical theatre space are now silent. This is a difficult time for many people including artists where our places of work are closed down.

We understand the necessity for these actions. In a time of solidarity we will reach out to others and enable our voices to still be heard and we do this by displaying online and on our webpages, a message without voice – a gesture, an expression, a mime – to show that we still exist and will continue to tell even more beautiful stories. So, on 27 March, World Theatre Day, we are making a symbolic gesture to have our voices heard and to reach out to support each other as we stay apart. May theatre and the arts live long and flourish and may you all keep safe and well.

From Mary, Freda, Niamh, Larissa, Féilim, Veronica and all the artists, staff and members of Smashing Times.

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