Artist Voices Then and Now

Live stream of performances and a discussion celebrating the arts and human rights.

Presented as part of Art Connects: At Home with Smashing Times

Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality is committed to promoting creative arts practice and research in support of rights and values for all citizens equally across the globe and in support of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all. Join our live stream on Friday 17 April, 2020, 7:30pm for performances and discussion on a celebration of arts and human rights as we work with theatre and film artists Raymond Keane, Sarah Jane Scaife and Geraldine McAlinden, songwriter Farah Elle; and writer, theatre and film maker Mary Moynihan. Our guests will chat and perform live as they explore their own work and the work of artists in the past and today who stood up against fascism and promoted human rights. For this event, do contact us online and tell us (a) who your equality, diversity and human rights hero is or (b) tell us about your favourite artist or arts project for human rights? Reach us at or on Twitter: @Smashing_Times

Smashing Times and Front Line Defenders in partnership with a range of organisations will implement the 2020 Dublin Arts and Human Rights Festival to showcase and highlight the extraordinary work of human rights defenders in Ireland and around the world, past and present, and the role of the arts and artists in promoting human rights today. The theme of this year’s festival is Voices of Hope, Courage and Resilience and the festival will run for ten days from Friday 16 October to Sunday 25 October 2020 at a range of venues including the Samuel Beckett Theatre, Science Gallery Dublin, and dlr Mill Theatre Dundrum.

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