The Art of Witness Poetry Performances curated by Smashing Times as part of Poetry Day Ireland Event 2020

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Thursday 30 April 2020 is Ireland’s Poetry Day. To celebrate this unique day we are presenting a short film of artists and friends reading various poems on the theme of Poetry of Witness. This film will be available on our website on Thursday 30 April from 11am under the title of The Art of Witness.

Féilim Ó Brádaigh will be contributing a poem through Irish titled ‘Roimh a Bhás’, Dr Eric Weitz will share ‘The Gallant Sex’ by Alice Duer Miller, Niamh Clowry will read an excerpt from Eavan Boland’s 2019 poem ‘Our Future Will Become the Past of Other Women’. We also have ‘What are Heavy?’ by Christina Rossetti, performed by Darren Hale, ‘Smiling is Infectious’ by Spike Milligan performed by Sam Manweiler, and ‘Naked’ by Benjamin Zephaniah performed by Sonia de Barros Rodrigues, ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling performed by Geraldine McAlinden, ‘First They Came’ by Martin Niemöller performed by Margaret Toomey, ‘The Dictators’ by Pablo Neruda performed by Larissa Manley and ‘In Time’ by Mary Moynihan performed by Ann Sheehy.

To view The Art of Witness short film featuring a range of poetry readings go to our Art Connects webpage tomorrow from 11am.

When: Thursday 30 April, from 11am

Where: Smashing Times Online Centre for the Arts and Equality click here



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