Mary Moynihan to speak Community Relations Resource Fair

Artistic Director, Mary Moynihan, is delighted to speak at the Community Relations Resource Fair marking the 2021 Centenary, taking place on Wednesday 24 February.

The Decade of Centenaries: 1912-1922, included a series of significant events in Ireland that changed the physical, cultural, political and economic landscape today, North and South. The Government of Ireland Act 1920 led to Northern Ireland as a separate legal entity on 3 May 1921, and in approaching the 100th anniversary, we have the opportunity to reflect on this period of time, acknowledging different perspectives and complexities of a contested history that may influence how people view and may respond to this anniversary. The Resource Fair offers a variety of approaches and opportunities for respectful listening and engaging in constructive dialogue about the impact of Partition.

Mary Moynihan will speak about the Smashing Times Women’s Voices: Then and Now digital art exhibition, which takes inspiration from women’s stories from the 1916 to 1923 period in Irish history, highlighting stories of change experienced by pioneering women in Ireland.

Register for the Resource Fair here.

View the Women’s Voices: Then and Now digital art exhibition here. 

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