Artistic Caravan – A Door Into Europe

Our international collaborations continue as Smashing Times announce a unique ‘Artistic Caravan’ collaboration with Dah Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia, to celebrate Europe Day on 9 May. Europe Day marks the anniversary of the historic ‘Schumann Declaration’ (1950), when the French foreign minister, Robert Schumann, set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe’s nations unthinkable.

From 9 – 30 May, a series of ‘virtual doors’ will be established in cities across Serbia. When the ‘door’ is opened, audiences in Serbia are treated to live performances by artists from Ireland and other countries across Europe.  This annual 10 day event aims to promote the values of the European Union across Serbia, offering Serbian audiences a ‘window’ into other European cities. Smashing Times will present theatre and musical performances from Dublin to be shared in cities across Serbia.


‘A day in The Life of Marcel Madness’


As part of our theatrical and musical offerings, Smashing Times are delighted to present ‘A Day in the Life of Marcel Madness’, an interactive performance created and performed by theatre artist Michael McCabe. Meet Marcel, a colourful clown character who wakes up to his noisy alarm, puts on his make-up and hair and gets ready to leave. Marcel invites you to travel with him on his journey through Dublin, speed skateboarding, walking his dog, avoiding busy traffic, dodging a rocket launch (Houston, We Have Lift Off) and playing imaginary tennis ‘John McEnroe’ style! The fun adventures culminate in an operatic song as Marcel, in his own imitable style, encourages everybody to join in a celebration of solidarity and togetherness for all people equally. Marcel can be viewed on 9, 16, 19, 22, 23, 29 and 30 May, and will be joined by actor and singer songwriter Carla Ryan 9, 15 and 22 May. Marcel and Carla will be joined by the singer-songwriter Ellen O’Mahony, who together with Carla, makes up the wonderfully talented band Elkin, on 15 and 22 May to entertain us with song and chat. ELKIN made their mark in 2019 with singles Green Eyes, Cut My Tongue and DIY, as well as releasing Fall So Easy, a collaboration with Cork producer 1000 Beasts. The self-managed duo has received growing support with ELKIN being selected to perform at showcases such as Whelan’s Ones to Watch, Music Cork and Ireland Music Week.


Our performers Michael McCabe, Carla Ryan and Ellen O’Mahony are all part of State of the Art – a unique Smashing Times Arts Council funded programme where 14 artists come together to use their artforms within socially engaged arts practice to promote equality, diversity and human rights – for more information on State of the Art visit our project page.

Smashing Times are delighted to be involved in a range of projects that are implemented across Europe.  Visit the EU 1979: A People’s Parliament digital exhibition here for more on how Smashing Times have promoted and acknowledged the trailblazing women across Europe who were elected to the first democratically elected European Parliament in 1979.

Smashing Times are supported by Europe for Citizens, Erasmus+, The Arts Council of Ireland, and The Reconciliation Fund, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.