Empower Active Young Citizens to Influence Society (AYE)

The AYE project aims to promote young people’s initiative and civic engagement and to contribute to quality and innovation in Youth Work by developing a range of engaging methods, tools and a non-formal learning programme to foster the inclusion and civic engagement of young people, with a particular emphasis on young people at risk of marginalisation and social exclusion.

The project was developed collaboratively by 6 European partners based on the needs observed and their experience in youth work and youth education, digitalisation, civic participation and human rights. The development of the project was based on the need to raise awareness about the role of youth in shaping our current society and to promote concrete, innovative partnerships and solutions based on the implementation of meaningful actions involving EU youth from diverse backgrounds including those facing disadvantage. The focus of the project is directly related to issues that are most pressing for young people today – world crisis, climate emergency, peace and democracy, intercultural dialogue and multilingualism, equity and inclusion.

Project partners on an AYE Erasmus + Transnational Partner exchange in Kalamata, Greece

This project enables young people to connect with wider society, to express their views in different ways and through different mediums and enables them to be heard as they take a direct role in and learn about civic awareness, media literacy. Young people develop the ability to understand and critically assess problems in society and how to take action to find concrete solutions, they learn how to independently create media messages that are about civic action, community and building a shared future for all at an EU level. Overall young people learn a range of core values and skills and learn how to communicate effectively in addressing issues facing society today, as they become champions for the future. The project enables youth to learn from and have access to Role Model stories, in which they can actually see themselves in action, enhancing their knowledge about digital activism and training them to address the current challenges they face in a critical and creative way.

The project partners are Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality (Lead Partner), Dublin, Ireland; Inthecity Project Development B.V, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Fundatia Centrul Educational Spektrum Miercurea Ciuc, Romania; SOCIAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CIVIL NONPROFIT SOCIETY, Kalamata, Greece; SOLUCIONES TECNO- PROFESIONALES CONSULTING, Zaragoza, Spain; and ICI ET AILLEURS Etang-Salé les Hauts France.

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AYE is funded by Erasmus+.